Projects in Palestine

The association Augenhöhe e.V. was dissolved on March 31, 2021. This website is for historical reference only. Palestinian Market

SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem

The SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem is a social project for children up to the age of 13 years. In accordance to the concept of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide that children should have the chance to live corresponding to the local notion of a family, the project aims to provide children a home. About 110 children live in “families” of 7-9 children and a “mother” in a house. In addition, there are “aunties” who support the SOS-mothers when necessary. The children are orphans, children of single mothers or children that cannot live with their biological families for other reasons. In the age of 14 they will join the SOS Youth Houses, where they live together with peers and the help of social workers until they are independent.

Activity areas for our volunteers

The SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem has a lot of experience with volunteers. Every year young people from different countries come to work here. Relatively firm working structures allow for a smooth start into the routines of the project, while the project also provides the volunteers the chance to shape their work in accordance to their own abilities and interests.

The main tasks of the volunteers are the additional attendance of the children and the support of the SOS mothers and aunties. Furthermore, the volunteers can aid the planning, organization and conduct of the free-time activities of SOS social workers and pedagogues and also develop their own. This does not only include sports, arts, etc. but also the additional help in learning English. Next to the work in the SOS Children’s Village, volunteers have the option to also engage in a second project for a couple of hours per week.