Core Principles

The association Augenhöhe e.V. was dissolved on March 31, 2021. This website is for historical reference only. Train line through East Anatolia

Through our involvement we want to promote social and cultural encounters and connections between people, and that way open up spheres of experience for individuals and in society. Our core principles relate to:

Human rights and dignity, (social) justice, education, understanding through dialogue, solidarity, mutual learning and reflecting on the lessons, initiative, non-violence, ecological and social sustainability and global viability.

Further, we want to open up new perspectives on the unfamiliar and reduce reservations and prejudice. It is important to us to have a lasting impact on new interpersonal relationships and experiences as well as on joint actions and on how that feeds back into the respective societies. And we always want to act as equals.

We are motivated by the positive experience that many of us had while volunteering abroad, a chance which we wish to also give others. We are not just open to the highly educated, but particularly invite people from different backgrounds and fields of experience.

Over the last few years we further realised that such one-way voluntary service should also be possible in both directions. This is the only way to have globalisation in a more just way and enable a fair and coequal exchange. We thereby want to counteract structural racism and initiate change without reinforcing the colonialist perspective.

Both within the project and in their social context, our volunteers are to gain valuable experience, learn, exchange views and take responsibility for their personal development, in accordance with our motto “Living with each other – Learning from each other”.